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What is digital monetization?

monetization refers to the act of driving traffic to the website and earning revenue from it. We take mileage on every digital footprint you have in fact, your website or app is a perfect venue for marketing products, and there are countless strategies for doing it. It's very important to have an effective monetization of digital and that will require a lot of thinking about new ways to turn resources into revenue.

While going for digital monetization it's very important to know about user engagement and know how we could use tactics to generate revenue from targeted traffic. Here at Techpind we aim to inform, entertain and inspire, and perhaps most importantly, to surge your business forward.

Because digital changes customers' perceptions of value, value delivery and the nature of products and services. Focusing on going digital is just to strengthen an existing business model—for example, adding add sense, making use of native marketing to boost traffic. Sustainable or accretive revenue growth in the digital era requires new ways of thinking about monetization.

Segmenting consumer relationship

When it comes to accessing the information, consumers have more options ever than before. There has been increased acceleration in proliferation of technology devices designed to give information and interaction, as well as the underlying platforms that support them. The penetration rates of digital media have nearly quadrupled. The digital media technology empowers new ways to create and distribute content over number of platforms. It improvises consumer relationship by offering them an increasing number of ways to access the information they seek.

This choice, powered by technology, has played a significant role in segmenting audiences in rebuilding relationship with consumers through multiple platforms and devices. The outcome of these new offerings, like disruptive change in business models and shifts in consumer spending time on digital, are also featured as key drivers of change.

Digital monetization models

* Consumer-paid Model

* Funded Model

* Hybrid Model

* Subscription

* Ad-supported

* Freemium

* Consumers can subscribe to get contents for a monthly or annually fee.

* Contents are monetized through advertisements, example banners or video ads which makes consumer engagement easy.

* There are various products offering services for free, while charging a premium for other products having enhanced features, functionality or related products like virtual goods through micro payments. In some cases, developers combine this with advertising.

The Techpind Difference

Our solution does not replace any other one you might have

* Transparent monetizing-

* Your users experience won't be affected whatsoever; our solution is absolutely invisible.

* Real time statistics

* Generate trackers for your websites and follow your income in real time.

What does
"Digital Transformation"

2 Answers

Digital transformation is a technology which results in imperative transformation of business and industrial activities, strategies, competencies, processes and models to fully integrate the changes and opportunities of a mix digitized technologies and their advancing impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, keeping in mind the present and future shift in digital technology.

What is the role of AI in future of marketing?

2 Answers

The role of AI in the future of marketing revolves around marketers and customers. Marketers analyzing how to efficiently reach the targeted customers when ad blockers, changing media consumption habits, and ad performance are impeding us. It provides customer support services where people are seeking to improve customer satisfaction, net promoter scores all while holding down cost.

Explain the rise of omni channel marketing?

2 Answers

Omni channel Strategies are marketing strategies that are geared towards enablement of their customers to convert on any channel be it online or a brick and mortar space. Engagement with people on various channels where they are shopping, buying and comparing, whether it’s in a physical store or an online store or on social media, and connecting the dots between those channels with a sole purpose to nurture a customer for more engagement and sales.

Frequently asked

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?

2 Answers

Search engine optimization is the process of improvising a website by making it easy to find, easy to crawl down, and easy to categorize. It emphasizes by helping our customers by finding out our business from among thousand other companies. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

What are the main areas where keywords used to optimize website ranking?

2 Answers

Track any domain or keyword, get local, target various devices, group keywords, analyze SERP features, connect google analytics.

What is

2 Answers

Content marketing is a marketing approach in which we primarily focused on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage customer.

What is social media marketing?

2 Answers

Social media marketing is a marketing in which we use social media as a platform and social networking websites for promotion and branding.

What is

2 Answers

Design thinking is an integrated measure to design solutions for the complexities arises in today’s business world. In this process we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. In three-step design thinking process, we match your business strategy with their needs. Design thinking mainly consisting of current business needs to future business goals, prototyping validation, thoughtful implementation.