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Focusing on digital framework in an ever
evolving enviornment


The importance of digital footprint


Strategies for business units
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Techpind Difference

Digital strategy framework

Applies to early stage startups to well established industries. Digital strategy framework carries expectations of the business that, it's impact can be measured, analyzed, designed and reformed at any point of time with an evolving test and implementation attitude.

Roadmap Starts With

  • - Assesment
  • - Opportunity
  • - Redesign/ vision
  • - Business case studies
  • - Testing and prototyping validation
  • - Scalability and consumer adaptability
  • - Reviewing results

The long term vision staging implicates to the economic logic of a business by deep diving into the drivers, differentiators at the product or service offerings funneling down the areas of growth and scalability

Techpind difference

We help business units, startups and corporates strategies to create a digital transformation roadmap helping them access their current market standing to their completion and create a value chain for their vision of success and evolution.

  • * Map opportunities for evolution.
  • * Create roadmap to innovation with a culture of learning, research and consumer driver design approach.
  • * Role of design to keep up and role to disrupt.
  • * Our main objective is to create integrated customer

We partner with brands and startups for enriched digital monetization and create a consistent brand image across platforms by our brand guide and styling.

Focusing on Digital framework in an ever Evolving Environment

On the onset we have realized the need of having a digital strategy is of apex importance when it comes to sustainability and Envisioning the future goals of the business. The digital strategy framework Helps reckoning not only your current stakeholder requirements but what the future beholds for then.

The framework applies and emphasizes on keeping pace with innovation and creating a visibility in the fast pace culture of startups and the growth of AI as an interface. The focal point in this journey is understanding the consumer behavior with the data accumulated at various touch points across platforms for better serviceability of an existing and an upcoming client. In order to sustain one has to not only reimagine the change that is about to come but also optimize internal processes for better productivity and sustainability. One cannot just overlook the role of digital framework if thinking on the longer run of business.

The importance of a digital Foot print

The new channels for engaging consumers, such as mobile and social media, customers now expect all their interaction with the industry to be consistent across all available channels.For instance, they expect to place an order when and where it's most convenient for them, and then to receive their products through the channel of their choosing. If organizations do not enable such an Omni-channel approach, they risk losing customers and increasing customer dissatisfaction

The digital technology has been acquired through customer insights for digital marketing. In today's digital world, the first thing that we need to spare time on is consumers and business, customers often go through certain researching techniques while purchasing any item on an ecommerce platform, exploring different ecommerce sites and their own personal networks and communities for advice and rankings before they decide to buy. To set a benchmark, organizations need to keep an update of product information online and engaging with online communities to provide feedback on their products. Since customers and businesses are increasingly active and identifiable online, organizations can use digital marketing tools to personalize their product and service promotions, with the goal of increasing customer loyalty. we have designed a framework for industries to deploy a digital transformation blueprint.

The Techpind Difference

1. Where are we now?

Digital Review:

  • - Consumer insights.
  • - Competitive audit.
  • - Digital review.
  • - Business & Brand performance.

2. Where do we want to be?

Digital Strategy:

  • - Link to vision, brand idea, corporate objectives.
  • - Digital Vision.
  • - Strategies to achieve defined objectives.

3. How do we get there?


  • - Roadmaps to tactics by strategy.
  • - User and biz requirements.
  • - Personas, customer experience mapping, and user flows, etc.

4. How do we know your impact?

Measurement plan:

  • - Measures of success.
  • - Balanced scorecard development

What does
"Digital Transformation"

2 Answers

Digital transformation is a technology which results in imperative transformation of business and industrial activities, strategies, competencies, processes and models to fully integrate the changes and opportunities of a mix digitized technologies and their advancing impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, keeping in mind the present and future shift in digital technology.

What is the role of AI in future of marketing?

2 Answers

The role of AI in the future of marketing revolves around marketers and customers. Marketers analyzing how to efficiently reach the targeted customers when ad blockers, changing media consumption habits, and ad performance are impeding us. It provides customer support services where people are seeking to improve customer satisfaction, net promoter scores all while holding down cost.

Explain the rise of omni channel marketing?

2 Answers

Omni channel Strategies are marketing strategies that are geared towards enablement of their customers to convert on any channel be it online or a brick and mortar space. Engagement with people on various channels where they are shopping, buying and comparing, whether it’s in a physical store or an online store or on social media, and connecting the dots between those channels with a sole purpose to nurture a customer for more engagement and sales.

Frequently asked

What is the role of SEO in digital marketing?

2 Answers

Search engine optimization is the process of improvising a website by making it easy to find, easy to crawl down, and easy to categorize. It emphasizes by helping our customers by finding out our business from among thousand other companies. SEO is an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

What are the main areas where keywords used to optimize website ranking?

2 Answers

Track any domain or keyword, get local, target various devices, group keywords, analyze SERP features, connect google analytics.

What is

2 Answers

Content marketing is a marketing approach in which we primarily focused on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and engage customer.

What is social media marketing?

2 Answers

Social media marketing is a marketing in which we use social media as a platform and social networking websites for promotion and branding.

What is

2 Answers

Design thinking is an integrated measure to design solutions for the complexities arises in today’s business world. In this process we put our customers at the heart of everything we do. In three-step design thinking process, we match your business strategy with their needs. Design thinking mainly consisting of current business needs to future business goals, prototyping validation, thoughtful implementation.